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About us

Essiell Compli is a leading provider of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing compliance solutions, offering practical and highly effective global solutions to businesses across various industries

About the company

With a proven pedigree in protecting businesses from financial crime, Essiell Compli specializes in delivering tailor-made support for businesses to ensure compliance and due diligence. Our team brings together experience in the field of business services and combating financial crime, empowering us to develop and deliver cost-effective solutions amidst a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape.

As pioneers in the industry, Essiell Compli combines expertise and innovation to create a level playing field, eliminating the loopholes exploited by organized crime. We offer a powerful and flexible suite of services, precisely configured to meet the unique requirements of each client. Whether you operate a money service business, P2P payment intermediary, gambling platform or casino, Essiell Compli is dedicated to protecting your business, reputation, and peace of mind.

Meet the team

The Essiell Compli team is a group of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience in the fields of software development, financial crime, and compliance. Led by our Managing Director and founder, Ray Stanton, who has over 22 years of experience in automating financial transaction processing, our team is committed to delivering class-leading protection against financial crime. With experts like Programme Director Lee Wilson, QA Analyst Michael Raimbert, and Director & CTO Al Slater, who each bring their unique expertise to the table, we are well equipped to address the complex challenges of a constantly evolving regulatory landscape. Bjorn Larsson, Chief Executive at Compli’s sister company is lending his support as chairman of Essiell Compli’s board of directors. Together, we strive to provide our clients with seamless and effective anti-money laundering and compliance solutions.

Ray Stanton

Managing Director and founder.  Ray, a regulatory compliance expert has over 32 years in the software industry, specifically with the automation of financial transaction processing

Lee Wilson

Programme Director with 20 years experience in full life-cycle software developments and transformation projects. These have included SMEs and large multi-national companies across a variety of sectors.

Michael Raimbert

QA Analyst involved in testing all applications within AWS including Oracle, Postgres, Postman and client applications. Michael previously worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Bjorn Larsson

Chairman. Over 30 years experience in international business management, currently Chief Executive at Essiell Limited and prior to that with the Loomis Group, Bank of Ireland First Currency Services, First Rate Exchange Services.

Al Slater

As the Director & CTO, with a vast experience spanning 25 years, he boasts expertise in complex network configurations, security, and systems implementation. Currently, Al spearheads the establishment of the Compli infrastructure.

See Compli In Action

Are you ready to revolutionise your anti-money laundering and compliance practices?

Don’t miss the chance to experience Compli’s cutting-edge technology in action. During the demo, our experts will guide you through the powerful features of Compli, showcasing its infinite customisation options, real-time surveillance, and advanced Rules Engine. See firsthand how Compli’s cloud-based infrastructure and global data sharing capabilities can elevate your risk management processes.