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Our Technology

Compli runs globally within AWS – the Amazon Web Services cloud. Compli is infinitely flexible and scalable, with programming that fits naturally and seamlessly within the cloud environment.

Introducing Compli

Compli remains responsive to ever-changing regulatory landscapes, accommodating new laws and guidelines with ease.

Compli’s advanced technology amalgamates diverse compliance data into one system, providing better data quality, improved accuracy, and reducing false positives during customer onboarding. The flexibility of our aggregator function allows tasks to be configured, making Compli infinitely customizable and extensible to handle complex compliance rules. With a micro-services approach, Compli adapts to various needs, running checks on data in unlimited permutations, matching onboarding tasks to actual requirements, streamlining business processes, and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Our technology remains responsive to ever-changing regulatory landscapes, accommodating new laws and guidelines with ease. We utilize ‘serverless’ computing for high availability and scalability, ensuring reliable data from multiple sources for well-founded decisions. With a flexible cloud-based micro-service approach, Compli achieves high levels of efficiency and adaptability, supported by a graph-based ‘data lake’ model for limitless data storage and access.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Compli operates on the globally renowned Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. This approach ensures unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing our services to adapt and grow alongside our clients’ ever-changing requirements. The cloud-based model guarantees worldwide accessibility, delivering reliable and efficient performance, regardless of the geographical location of our clients’ operations.

Infinite Customization

Our technology offers infinite flexibility and customization to cater to the unique needs of each client. Compli’s unique aggregator function enables configurable tasks and state machine approaches, empowering businesses to handle complex compliance rules and effortlessly adapt to changing regulatory landscapes.

Micro-Services Architecture

At Compli, we employ a micro-services architecture to respond to infinitely variable needs. Unlike rigid computing structures, our technology undertakes only necessary tasks for each customer or query, resulting in swift business operations and an enhanced customer experience.

Graph-Based Data Storage​

Our data storage utilizes a graph-based ‘data lake’ model, enabling unlimited permutations of activity and relationships. This approach avoids the limitations of traditional relational databases and ensures better data quality, improved accuracy, and faster processing for more robust compliance checks.


Compli’s REST API for smooth and reliable web communication, ensuring robust functionality with the fewest steps and queries for each process, all while safeguarding sensitive data. Experience the power of Compli’s technology for comprehensive compliance and peace of mind. Our advanced technology is the cornerstone of a secure and future-proofed anti-money laundering solution, empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

See Compli In Action

Are you ready to revolutionise your anti-money laundering and compliance practices?

Don’t miss the chance to experience Compli’s cutting-edge technology in action. During the demo, our experts will guide you through the powerful features of Compli, showcasing its infinite customisation options, real-time surveillance, and advanced Rules Engine. See firsthand how Compli’s cloud-based infrastructure and global data sharing capabilities can elevate your risk management processes.