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Transaction Monitoring

Continuous & responsive AML monitoring of customer activity​

Welcome to Transaction Monitoring, our powerful and automated surveillance service that provides continuous and real-time monitoring of customer activity. Compli’s Transaction Monitoring ensures due diligence by flagging atypical behaviours and activities associated with potential fraudulent or illegal activity. Our advanced scanning and mapping capabilities compare customer behaviours against expected and historical patterns, delivering an in-depth understanding of each customer and their activities.

  • Continual monitoring
  • In-depth knowledge of customer
  • Accurate, up-to-date data
  • Reliable risk-based decisions
  • Real-time compliance & due diligence
  • Secure audit trail

Giving you the control to make informed risk-based decisions

Avoid the risks of manual analysis and legacy systems by leveraging Compli’s dynamic profiling approach to actively manage risk. Our automated comparisons promptly identify unexpected or suspicious behaviour, giving you the control to make informed risk-based decisions. Never miss anomalies again with our fringe analysis, automatically triggering alerts and actions when configurable rules are broken.

Benefit from constant monitoring, automated case generation, real-time due diligence, and cost savings through automation. With Compli’s Transaction Monitoring, you can experience peace of mind knowing that your customer activities are closely monitored, and risk is efficiently managed in an ever-changing business landscape.

Comply With Global Regulations

Compli is a powerful tool for complex pattern analysis. With our services, users have access to all the functionality necessary to be compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) legislation. Risks from breach of sanctions and politically exposed persons indicating possible money laundering or terrorist financing, are quickly flagged. Exposure to the damage caused by financial crime is minimised. Compli is a single, cost-effective solution to modern compliance requirements.

Uniquely in the market, Compli enables the sharing of global data between participating businesses, doing away with the limitations caused by the institutional silo mentality which often restricts data management. This ground-breaking service means that it is possible to know and understand the customer in far more detail than ever before – reducing risk, improving performance, and delivering a significantly better customer experience.

Global Sanctions and Other Official lists

Full coverage of all publicly available sanctions and other official lists. Profiles of individuals and entities are built consolidating, de-duplicating, and normalising information from over 2000 lists.

Sanctions Control & Ownership

Proactive research is conducted to find the companies associated (via ownership or control) to the sanctioned individuals and entities in all EU and OFAC sanctions programmes to comply with the 50% rule. 30,000+ entities identified to date in over 180 countries.

Politically Exposed Persons

Detailed profiles of senior government officials and politically exposed persons, with market-leading coverage consisting of 22 carefully defined categories enabling customers to align their screening to their risk-based approach.

Benefits of Compli

Introducing Compli

Your Comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering Shield. Compli Solutions offers in-depth and scalable protection against money laundering, ensuring compliance with AML regulations globally.

With innovative technology and rapid screening capabilities, Compli efficiently identifies and flags potential risks, streamlining processes and reducing manual efforts. The platform’s full automation and real-time data ensure reliable risk-based decision making, while its unique collaboration feature facilitates global data sharing between participating businesses. Compli empowers organizations to confidently combat financial crime, achieve compliance effortlessly, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, all in one cost-effective solution.

Customer Screening (KYC)

Instant Screening for Sanctioned and Politically Exposed Persons and Companies, as well as individuals and associated businesses placed on your Watchlist.

Customer ID & Address Verification

Real-time customer address and ID verification.

Custom Rules Engine

By using Compli’s advanced state machine technology you can design and implement powerful rule sets to identify potential unlawful activity.

Identifier Service

Highlights stolen and resold information by attributing unique personal information (such as email addresses, mobile phone, driving licence or passport numbers) to an individual.

Case Management

Investigate cases and enhance your analysis within this graphic user interface that is auto-populated by the rules engine.

See Compli In Action

Are you ready to revolutionise your anti-money laundering and compliance practices?

Don’t miss the chance to experience Compli’s cutting-edge technology in action. During the demo, our experts will guide you through the powerful features of Compli, showcasing its infinite customisation options, real-time surveillance, and advanced Rules Engine. See firsthand how Compli’s cloud-based infrastructure and global data sharing capabilities can elevate your risk management processes.