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When the Dashboard Makes the Difference

Embracing the Complexity of Global Compliance

For financial institutions, compliance is not just a process. Like the sea, it’s continuously moving and changing, and it requires vigilance to stay in tune with  the latest laws, regulations and lists. Understanding this is crucial, especially when multiple jurisdictions

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EU tightens up on AML

On 13th December 2023, the European Union  took a significant step forward in its fight against financial crime, especially anti-money laundering. Establishing the EU Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) is a testament to this commitment. The new body is designed to

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A Hidden Need in the Remittance Market

The digital remittance market is growing – fast! A recent Yahoo Finance report* highlighted that this sector is predicted to continue growing rapidly over the next decade. Globally worth $22.1 billion in 2023, it is should be worth $44.4 billion

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Remittance Services – tackling another vulnerability

Digital services spread rapidly once their potential is understood. Witness the swift adoption of mobile phones in regions where traditional infrastructures were absent. This digital leap has transformed many sectors, including financial services, and particularly in the realm of remittances. Remittance services, crucial for millions...

Compliance: Why the Big Picture Matters

Negotiating financial regulations can feel like walking a tightrope. For financial service businesses, including banks and credit unions, effective compliance requires an understanding of regulations in minute detail and a sound grasp of the importance of the rationale behind them. Importantly, truly effective compliance isn’t...

Keeping the Records Straight for a Clear Conscience – and Freedom from  Fines

Have you ever woken in the night fretting, wondering if there’s a gap in your compliance? Even if you’re not a compliance officer, this critical element in the financial sector can be daunting. The aim – reducing the risk and incidence of financial crime –...

Just When You Thought Your Paintings Were Safe…

Everything from your morning coffee purchase to business transactions seems to takes place online. So it seems almost quaint to worry about the physical theft of a painting. But just Google “art heist movies” and take your pick. It’s a popular genre on-screen and in...

Hard Cases Make Bad Law – and more Layers of Compliance

The old legal maxim, “Hard Cases Make Bad Law,” has wide application. It reflects the difficulty of legislating in response to unusual or extreme circumstances. Often the result is a law that doesn’t serve well in general application, or it might come with unintended consequences....

Compliance, and why rushing to AI might be missing the point

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against AI. But its use requires considerable thought, not just in initial application, but in oversight too. It’s not yet the magic answer we might have hoped for. This is especially so in the financial services industry, where...