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When the Dashboard Makes the Difference

Is you Compliance Policy a priority?

And are your policy and compliance handbook still up to date?

There was low-key but significant move in Colombo, Sri Lanka, recently. Reported on 6 October in Sri Lanka’s online Daily News*, the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and

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Ban gambling or let the market run free?

For many, gambling is the harmless purchase of an occasional lottery ticket. And the majority of gamblers exercise good self-control, keeping even regular betting to a modest discretionary spend.

For others the picture is different. Those who are pre-disposed to

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Legacy systems: tether or springboard?

Compliance costs money – something well understood in the financial services sector, including niche areas such as Gambling, and Travel Money and Remittance providers. But making compliance cost-effective can seem elusive.

As geopolitical tensions multiply, and as criminal activity expands

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Embracing the Complexity of Global Compliance

For financial institutions, compliance is not just a process. Like the sea, it’s continuously moving and changing, and it requires vigilance to stay in tune with the latest laws, regulations and lists. Understanding this is crucial, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved. It’s necessary to...

EU tightens up on AML

On 13th December 2023, the European Union took a significant step forward in its fight against financial crime, especially anti-money laundering. Establishing the EU Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) is a testament to this commitment. The new body is designed to supervise and coordinate national authorities,...

Gambling – Safety and Security, and the Sum of Human Happiness

Any industry that moves a lot of money is bound to chase the holy grail of payment systems that are safe, secure and simple to use. Gambling fits the bill. It’s continuously evolving and, increasingly, looking for ways to transfer funds securely between casinos and...

Remittance Services – Vital but Vulnerable

Like the snow in our fitful northern winter, a flurry of recent articles highlights the rapid growth of the money remittance market. Remittance is the lifeblood of many communities, each with their own diaspora, and the sheer scale of this sector renders it vulnerable to...

A Hidden Need in the Remittance Market

The digital remittance market is growing – fast! A recent Yahoo Finance report* highlighted that this sector is predicted to continue growing rapidly over the next decade. Globally worth $22.1 billion in 2023, it is should be worth $44.4 billion by 2028. By 2032 it...

How to Spot Gambling Addiction Online

In the USA, online sports betting continues to expanded rapidly. It’s not just in professional leagues but in college sports too. Relaxation of state laws around online gambling and sports betting has led to a prolonged surge in this often compulsive form of entertainment. The...