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When the Dashboard Makes the Difference

How to Spot Gambling Addiction Online

In the USA, online sports betting continues to expanded rapidly. It’s not just in professional leagues but in college sports too. Relaxation of state laws around online gambling and sports betting has led to a prolonged surge in this often

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The Remittance Market is Changing

One of the most important sectors in the financial world is the remittance market. In 2022, global remittances totaled a staggering $830 billion, with a significant portion flowing from developed economies like the US to lower and middle-income countries (LMIC),

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URGENT and EFFECTIVE AML is non-negotiable.

The 2023 Basel AML Index has brought to light an alarming escalation in global money laundering and terrorist financing risks. This annual report, emphasizing the urgent need for effective compliance measures, describes a concerning trend: despite robust frameworks, the effectiveness

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KYC: Effective shouldn’t be expensive

KYC (Know Your Customer) can be cumbersome and expensive. The onboarding process, with multiple checks, can consume vast amounts of time and resources. Often it seems like a burden, which is frustrating for a such an essential process. Typically, challenges include: Complex regulations make it...

Compliance – an Opportunity, Not a Straightjacket

Compliance, much like the financial world it serves, is anything but static. It has a quasi-organic nature, changing over time and according to context. It evolves alongside regulations, threats, and the needs of your customers. While Know Your Customer (KYC) forms a bedrock, that is...

Sanctions and PEP – Expect More and Stricter Implementation

In financial services, active compliance is more important than ever. The war in Ukraine, and the Gaza crisis, means that fallout from international relations reaches deep into the commercial world. Heightened geopolitical turmoil necessitates an even more robust approach to regulatory compliance. These must transcend...

Adopting Tech for AML – No Excuses for Procrastination

In the worldwide battle against financial crime, the stakes are high. Money laundering alone, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, amounts to a staggering $800 billion to $2 trillion annually. That’s 2% to 5% of the world’s GDP, a sum large...

Managing the Multiple Layers of Compliance – Efficiently

Across the world, the burden of regulatory compliance is not just growing – it’s accelerating rapidly. Financial institutions face a labyrinth of regulations that demand meticulous attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of international financial laws. Compliance tasks range from adhering to efficient and...

A Practical Reality: Anti-Money Laundering Measures in Financial Services

Politics in the US is about more – much more – than who will be the next president. Among the many arguments and negotiations, the world of financial regulation often seems to hide in the shadows....